Step 1: Submit information

Let’s get all the necessary information before we start.

Step 2: Let’s talk

Go ahead and schedule a free consultation. With your
information from Step 1 & our conversation from this
session, we can figure out your next best steps.

Step 3: Confirm a course

After your free consultation it should be more clear how AP can help. A typical course can take up to 20 hours over 10-20 weeks. In this case we would cover a holistic application process from start to finish. However, you can always opt for just a few hours in any of the below sections, or add on hours to the 20 hour typical structure. Once we’ve found the right course for you we will set you up on our online system and begin our sessions.

Typical structure: 20 hours

School selection & assessment1 hour
Portfolio development 11 hours
Essay / personal statement 3 hours
Interview practice2 hours
School-specific requirements3 hours