How We Can Help

Architecture schools are getting more competitive each year, with some exhibiting acceptance rates lower than 5%. Top schools have some the best facilities, people and opportunities for you to make a positive start on your career. Good advice is crucial to get ahead. This is where our courses come in. Contact us below to chat for free about how we can help you.

If you would rather not have any meetings or long-term application development with Architecture Prep, feel free to submit your portfolio and/or personal statement to us for a one-time quick review.

Step 1: A free 20-minute call online.

Schedule a free call at a time that suits you. In this session we can figure out your next best steps, together. We will share a few of our strategies relating to portfolios, personal statements and interviews. You don’t need to commit to a course, you can always just make notes and come back to us later.

Step 2: Confirm how many hours we will need.

After your free consultation it should be more clear how Architecture Prep can help. Together we would decide on how many meeting hours (over video call) would be necessary. This can be anything from a few hours to tens of hours. A full course is usually around 10 hours over a variable amount of time. If you’re close to your application deadline we can offer sessions as frequently as every day, meaning you could complete a 10 hour course in a little over a week. If you’re far from your deadline these could be bi-weekly or monthly meetings. It’s entirely up to you, but we can help with both short term and long term applications.

In these meetings we review your work and give guidance on what you should develop for the next meeting. This is where your own time management becomes critical. The most successful clients are those who put lots of work in between sessions. As the sessions progress, the portfolio and personal statements/essays become more developed and video call hours sometimes become replaced with offline hours, for the sake of efficiency. ‘Offline hours’ mean you would submit your updated work to our tutors and our tutors would review the work outside of video call meetings.

After finding the right course for you we would set you up on our online system and begin our sessions.

Example of time allocation:

School selection & assessment5%
Portfolio development 50%
Essay / personal statement 30%
Interview practice15%