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Step 1: Submit information

Tell us about yourself, so we’re able to get all the necessary information before we start.

Step 2: Let’s talk

Free consultation

After you’ve submitted your information go ahead and schedule a free consultation. With the information from your Step 1 form and our conversation in this session we can tailor an optimal course. Please then select the course hours discussed, listed below.

Step 3: Select your course

We charge a maximum of £50 per hour with no minimum of hours requested; this rate is proportional to the hourly package you require.

A typical structure of consultation hours can be seen below, for a total of 8 hours. This is known to be the most successful system producing optimal results and describes a holistic application process. If you only require one or a few of these below, then purchase the quantity of hours you require for that concentration. For example, if you only need resume consultation but would like 4 hours, then select the 4 hours. Upon purchasing a course you agree to our terms and conditions.

Typical structure – 8 hours total
Career guidance2 hours
Resume consultation2 hours
Cover letter review2 hours
Interview practice2 hours
1 hour / £50 per hour / $65 per hour£50 / $65 Purchase
2 hours / £48 per hour / $63 per hour£96 / $126 Purchase
4 hours / £45 per hour / $60 per hour£180 / $240 Purchase
6 hours / £42 per hour / $57 per hour£252 / $342 Purchase
8 hours / £40 per hour / $55 per hour£320 / $440 Purchase

Hours are used both live and offline: you will receive both Skype consultation where we will work through material together live, and offline consultation where you will submit work that will be reviewed and given feedback outside of Skype through a Google Drive shared system. The weighting of this live/offline system is circumstantial for each client and is designed to accommodate both the client and tutor’s schedules.