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The architecture school personal statement / application essay

As part of your architecture school application you will be required to make a written personal statement pertaining to your interests, achievements and goals. There is a substantial weighting on the personal statement, though it is not as important (for lots of schools) as the portfolio. In the US, these are known as supplemental essays (not the main essay, which is more general).  General This is the chance for you to tell the school exactly what it is about you that makes you a candidate in a sea of applicants. This will require a lot of introspection. Generally, the personal…

The architecture school application portfolio

Image by RNDRD, Morphosis. GA Houses. 9 1981, 158 Perhaps you’re wondering, do I need a portfolio for architecture school? How long should an architecture portfolio be? How do I make a portfolio with no experience? We have some answers for you. Making a portfolio is a different experience for everyone, but there are some guides to stick to for a successful application. The most significant component of architecture school, the studio component, is broken down into two main factions. The first is the work you do (project content), and the second is how that work is made legible to…

How to communicate your work effectively

‘The proof is in the pudding, and puddings aren’t made of words.’ An old tutor at the Bartlett used to use this line a lot. This essentially means that you can talk and write about your visual work as much as you want with all sorts of conceptual ideas and long words but at the end of the day the reality of the thing is in its physicality and not what you say about it. With architecture school portfolios, it’s important to turn to visual communication, and not written communication. Can you describe your project to your friend without saying…

What goes into an architecture school application?

This post deals with the basic components of what goes into an architecture school application. Part 1: Ultimately, your application depends entirely on which school / application system you’re using. Part 2: However, each school follows a similar structure, wherever it may be in the world. Part 1: There are two main application systems for major universities, and then lots of application systems for different independent schools. They are: UCAS (UK system) UK applicants will be familiar with this. This is the only system you will use to apply to architecture schools in the UK (except the AA…which I will…

Architecture school selection

Each school of architecture is different from the next. Some can be worlds apart. Aside from geographical and financial differences, schools differ in course structure, course focus, collaboration vs non-collaboration, the emphasis on writing, the emphasis on design…etc. Many applicants panic when choosing a school because they worry that traits from each school may force their own interests. Graduates get employed and become different sorts of architects, academics and practitioners than if they studied elsewhere, and this can be daunting.  Fear not. You can be any architect you want to be, at any school, as long as you remain your…

Architecture school rankings

Image credits: AA School of Architecture You may be in the early stages of your architecture school application and happen to find yourself looking through all sorts of architecture school rankings. There’s nothing wrong with school rankings, as long as they’re valid. Many of them should be taken with a pinch of salt. Here are a few important things to remember when looking through rankings: QS is not necessarily a quality rank for architecture. There are a lot of MIT and Bartlett grads out there proud of how their alma mater places in the upper echelons of the QS architecture…