Personalized tutoring to the most competitive architecture schools & positions.

AP is the first and all-inclusive architecture tutoring service dedicated to helping applicants gain admission to their top choices of architecture schools or positions.

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“Not only has AP been helpful with my application, but they have also given me a clear insight into my dream school. AP can really think in the shoes of the admissions panel!”
Olivia – BSc Architecture Applicant 2018

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We specialise in top schools including, but not limited to, the Bartlett UCL, Cambridge, the AA, Cooper Union, Cornell, SCI-Arc and more. Over the last two years we have helped clients excel and gain admission to their top choices of schools or professional positions.

75% of clients admitted to a top 3 school

100% of clients admitted to at least one of their top 2 school choices

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  • School selection and assessment
  • Portfolio development
  • Essay and/or personal statement development
  • Interview practice
  • School specific

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  • Career guidance
  • Resume consultation
  • Cover letter review
  • Interview practice

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Our tutors graduated at the top of their class from the best schools in the world. They also work at some of the most competitive professional positions in architecture and the built environment across the globe. Their insights and skills are unparalleled. We’ll match you with whoever we think would challenge you the most, and bring out the best in you.

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