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Sebastian demonstrated sophisticated skills and knowledge on the subject which helped to create a stunning portfolio in time for a demanding application”

Ivan – BSc Architecture applicant

“I came out of my undergraduate with a portfolio that needed a lot of work. AP really came through in terms of pulling everything together successfully! I learnt a lot.”

MArch applicant

“Not only has AP been extremely helpful with my written application, but they have also given me a clear insight into my dream school. AP can really think in the shoes of the admissions panel!”

Olivia- BSc Architecture applicant

“Having this guidance was invaluable for me, for my written materials.”

PhD in Urban Design/Architecture applicant

“I had no idea how to approach my personal statement and portfolio. With AP, I began to understand it all and find my personal themes. I came out with a strong, coherent application. I was told that these sessions were similar to tutorials I’d have in architecture school- so now I know what to expect when I arrive!”

BSc Architecture applicant