Quick Review

While our courses are the best way to prepare a successful architecture school application, we also offer quick reviews. Simply upload your portfolio and/or personal statement (also known sometimes as ‘application essays’) and one of our tutors will review your work. We will send you a single sided A4 report (at least 700 words) per portfolio or personal statement, full of constructive criticism, to get some quick pointers on developing a top-notch architecture school application.

Report Structure

The Portfolio Report

1 – Content (the project work itself)

2 – Structure (how the portfolio flows)

3 – Formatting (layouts and text)

Personal Statements / Application Essays

1 – Identity (how personal the statement is)

2 – Content (what you’ve chosen to write about)

3 – Structure (how the text flows from start to finish)

Reports are sent within one week. Usually they are sent within a day of being received.

Begin by uploading your files below and we will get back to you immediately.