Terms & conditions

The terms and conditions below are integral to the provision of services by Architecture Prep to any Customer or Client. When you purchase services from Architecture Prep you agree to these terms and conditions.

1.  The limitations of Architecture Prep.  It is the role of Architecture Prep to tutor and direct the Client within the framework of a consultancy, however it is the Client’s responsibility to author their own applications, and their supporting documents. It is also the responsibility of the Client to organise their own application materials and submit them on time to their chosen Universities/Schools/Colleges/Programs.

2.  Refunds.  The Client may terminate their selected course at any time.  Architecture Prep will not issue any refunds for courses or unused hours.  Unused hours include those that are either scheduled or unscheduled, online or offline, and have been either cancelled or missed by the Client. 

3.  Confidentiality.  The Client may receive information of a confidential nature including, but not limited to, sample portfolios, sample essays and resumes.  At all times, before, during and after their course, the Client agrees to keep and hold all such information in strict confidence and agrees to not use or disclose any information without the prior written consent of Architecture Prep.

4.  Expiration.  All services must be used in full within one year of the purchase date.

5. Guarantee. Architecture Prep cannot guarantee acceptance into any particular school or any particular professional position. Architecture Prep acts as consultancy and not as a guarantee of acceptance to academic programs.

6. Payment. Payment is always required prior to delivery of service.

7. Consultation hours. Consultation hours include scheduled live online appointments as well as scheduled offline feedback reviews. Circumstantially, Architecture Prep reserves the right to allocate online and offline hours depending on the circumstances of the Client.